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Dove's special post-summer care



Dove helps restore the beauty of skin and hair after summer and pleases with gifts in August and September 2013! Summer brings not only numerous pleasures and vivid impressions, but also problems with the skin and hair, which can become dehydrated, dull and weakened under the insnakeence of various factors: • heat, sea salt, wind and conditioners dry the skin and hair; • the sun's rays cause photoaging of the skin and destroy the hair structure; • Dust clogs pores and irritates the skin, contaminates and harms hair. Therefore, right now the skin and hair need not just ordinary care, but especially gentle care, including gentle cleansing, intensive nutrition, moisturizing and restoration. Dove is special*. It offers products based on special formulas that deeply** nourish and moisturize your skin and hair, promoting their restoration and taking care of beauty. • Dove Cream Soap not only perfectly cleanses, but also gives a feeling of hydration, leaving the skin smooth, soft and radiant - compared to regular soap that dries the skin. Moisturizing is the basis of beautiful skin, which is why Dove cream-soap, 1/4 consisting of a moisturizer, is recommended by the Russian Society of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists***. • Dove Shower Creams with Nutrium Moisture Complex differ from conventional products by the presence of softer cleansing ingredients. It is a combination of moisturizing ingredients and skin-related lipids for deep** nourishment, extraordinarily gentle cleansing and long-lasting skin beauty. • Dove Deep Care Complex contains skin-related skincare ingredients and nourishing oils, as well as a light texture and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film and intensely moisturizing the skin. • Dove antiperspirants with a unique formula not only protect against sweat and bad breath like regular deodorants, but along with effective protection for 48 hours, actively take care of the skin of the armpits, helping it recover from shaving in just five days****. • Dove shampoos with special Fibre Actives not only work on the surface of the hair like regular products, but also penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore it from the inside, making the hair deliciously smooth, soft and silky. Summer is coming to an end, and pleasant surprises are just beginning: Dove has prepared special gifts for a good mood and beauty care! From August 1 to September 30, 2013, if you buy two different Dove products and register barcodes on, you can win a trip to a spa hotel in Switzerland or a cozy spa bathrobe*****. Extend the summer of your beauty with Dove!

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Russian Fashion Week. День первый



Designer Anastasia Zheleznova shared her view of the urban summer in the "Back to the Future" collection for Anastasia Z. During the day, Anastasia offers to enjoy the soft sunlight making its way through the foliage, in light light dresses, fitted at the front and loose at the back, or black shorts worn over red tights. An addition to shorts during the day can be a blouse with a 3/4 sleeve and a blind collar. In the evening, restraint is replaced by mouseuality and frankness. Skirts are getting shorter, and tops are getting revealing cutouts at the front or back. The shorts become almost transparent, and the very deep neckline of the dress is complemented by a chiffon scarf that hides the most revealing places on the body that the outfit has exposed. The theme of the urban summer was continued by the Greek designer Angelos Frentzos, who released office workaholics in black or gray suits, which are sometimes complemented by a butterfly. It is in this outfit that the usual working days of the hero of the new Angelos Frentzos collection pass. But as soon as the clock shows the end of the working day, the bow ties are torn off, the ties are loosened, the jackets gathered at the back are unbuttoned, and the "trousers turn into elegant shorts." Not everything will be so ordinary next summer. The working week is followed by the weekend. This was recalled by Max Chernitsov, who presented his collection "Hello, brothers!", which became the apotheosis of the first day of the Russian Fashion Week shows. And it's worth believing Max, because only the colors of the new collection are already encouraging. Like Vasiliev, Chernitsov combines different colors, but uses more faded shades.

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Natalia Vodianova moved to Paris



The Russian supermodel has long dreamed of a large mansion in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Natalia shares news about the changes in her life with subscribers of her personal blog. So, followers learned that on the first day of the New Year, Vodianova received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, businessman Antoine Arnault. In addition, the Christmas holidays coincided with the model's move to a new spacious apartment located in the center of Paris. "The Christmas omen just coincided with our move to a new home: a nest was accidentally discovered in the Christmas tree and I believe it portends all the good things that will happen in our family nest," Natalia said.

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Legs like a centipede?



When varicose veins do not allow the legs to live in peace, then what kind of comfort can we talk about? As it turned out, you can avoid discomfort with the help of simple preventive measures. The first advice in this situation is to be more attentive to your own body. Respond to signs such as fatigue, evening cramps, swelling of the legs and itching near the veins, since they can be the initial symptoms of varicose veins. Do not forget about physical activity - it allows you to improve blood circulation. And maintaining a healthy weight, in turn, reduces excess pressure on the legs when walking, which reduces the likelihood of swelling of the veins. The next recommendation is to avoid stockings, tights and trousers that are too tight and tight, which can limit the flow of blood to the waist and groin area. Do not sit in one place for a long time and, if possible, change the position of your legs every 30 minutes. Do not stay in a too hot bath or sauna for a long time. For all this, your feet will thank you.

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A radioactive isotope was found on board a Finnish aircraft



On Saturday, on board the aircraft "Airbus-319" airline "Finnair", departing from Moscow's Sheremetyevo-2 airport in Helsinki, an excess of the permissible background radiation was detected. Representatives of Finnair said that the reason for the excess of the radiation background was a cargo of the radioactive isotope cobalt-60 - seven packages weighing only a few kilograms. This isotope is used to make complex measuring equipment, and its transportation is a common practice among air carriers. According to representatives of the airline, the cargo was packed in accordance with the rules and marked as "dangerous". The airline has already worked with the owners of radioactive cargo before, and radiation is indeed present in such transportation, but in doses that do not pose a threat to human health. An Airbus 319 with 70 passengers on board was delayed before flying to Helsinki after testing positive for radiation. Passengers were sent by Aeroflot plane, and Airbus, after three additional checks that did not show deviations from the normal background radiation, took their luggage to Helsinki. Rospotrebnadzor continues to examine aircraft at Moscow's Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo-2 airports in order to detect possible radioactive radiation. According to the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, dosimetric and radiometric surveys of arriving aircraft and the airport area are being carried out. Pictured: Finnair's Airbus 319.

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Israel will unfreeze Palestine's money



In Jerusalem, negotiations between the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, ended, as a result of which Olmert agreed to unfreeze $ 100 million from taxes withheld by Israel, which have not been transferred to Palestinians since the Hamas group came to power in the autonomy. It is also reported that Israel is ready to ease restrictions on movement in the West Bank. Both leaders decided to revive the peace process. To solve this problem, a number of meetings will be held between them. Israel will hand over the released funds not to the Palestinian authorities, but directly to the needy residents of the autonomy. "We are looking for ways to transfer funds to specific humanitarian needs," said Eisin, a spokeswoman for Olmert. It was the first formal meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in more than a year, the last time formal talks took place in February 2005, when Ariel Sharon was still Israel's prime minister. The talks took place at Ehud Olmert's official residence in Jerusalem. At the meeting, the leaders shook hands and kissed, after which Olmert introduced Abbas to his wife. Both political leaders have recently faced serious problems. Abbas's recent call for early elections has led to a standoff between supporters of Hamas and his own Fatah party in the Palestinian Authority. Moreover, the clashes in the Gaza Strip were so serious that many fear the start of a full-scale civil war. Olmert, who was elected prime minister of Israel in March this year, lost the support of many of his supporters due to the failure of the war in Lebanon.

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Spectacular photo shoot of Scarlett Johansson



The actress took part in a bright shoot for the glossy magazine As If Magazine. Vintage dresses and unusual backgrounds made the photo shoot truly atmospheric. In addition to the charming Scarlett, design Peter Hidalgo and artist David Salle were involved in the shooting. Especially for the project, we sewed several unusual dresses in vintage style. In addition to the photo shoot and Johansson's face on the cover, readers of the magazine will be able to read an interview with the actress. "As an actress, I can play any person, a tree, an animal, because that's my job," the girl said during a conversation with a journalist.

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